Life is made for sharing….

In studio, Melbourne Australia

Raine Chen was a graphic designer born and raised in Taiwan with 10 years work experience in the marketing and design industry. She came to Australia in 2011, while working as a busy graphic designer, she started attending a ceramic workshop on weekends in Melbourne. Since then, ceramic has became a part of her life. In 2017, she went back to Taiwan for a short break, and met a local ceramic artist Te-Yung Cheng who is specialized in teawares. In addition, because of the Chinese tea culture influence, she started making teapots.

Raine grew up in a bamboo forest, bamboo has a connection to her childhood memory. But the memory was being erased after life got busier. Her memories came back by the nature and space of her childhood playground. Being surrounded by a peaceful environment has enabled her to focus on what she really wants to do in her life. She finally has something that coincided with what she really loves to do, which was making stuff.

Her work begins on the potter’s wheel and is then manipulated, cut and reassembled to present an enjoyable form. She loves that functional pottery can be beautiful as well as practical. Currently, she is working on different techniques for her teapots, and the designs of handles. There is still so much to learn and explore in ceramics which is a material without limits. Even after so many failures and misfires, what clay does represent to her is not just a freedom to create but a life mentor. It’s her creative passion.

In 2019, she found a ceramics studio 廿三號房 / room23ceramics to remember the first studio she has had is number “twenty-three”. A cup of nice tea is always worthwhile waiting for because it’s about sharing and giving.